Brandon Cebenka


(GameDevs! Ping me for my 38 studios portfolio link!!)

After nurturing a natural talent for art during my youth, I decided to go get educated and properly integrated into the modern world via the Rhode Island School of Design. My long standing dream to be a game developer was realized soon after at MIT's Gambit Game Lab. There, I began development on a soon-to-be indie gem called "Waker" (and before that, Rosemary). I was exposed to the entirety of a game's development in just nine weeks. I learned a lot about teamwork, how development pipelines work, and how to take a concept and turn it into a game.

Soon after Gambit, I began work as a Character Artist at 38 studios. There, I became fluent in programs such as Maya, Faogen, Headus, and more. I fell in love with the pipeline and enjoyed learning how to leverage my skills to create high quality creatures, weapons, and armor for a AAA title.

I hope to use this experience to help shape the industry by creating amazing games that inspire, delight, and encourage late nights and many unhealthy snacks.

...and by snacks, I mean nachos. Nachos are love.


  • Human Anatomy
  • Form
  • Shape
  • Design


  • Illustration
  • Zbrush
  • 3DS Max
  • xNormal
  • Maya
  • Faogen
  • Headus UVlayout
  • Photoshop
  • Watercolor
  • Unreal Engine 3
  • Traditional 3D.